Friday, May 31, 2013

The Art of Ramona Fradon - Coming Someday?

I am a big fan of the work of artist Ramona Fradon. I am pretty sure I discovered her work through DC's Super Friends comic. She also co-created Metamorpho, one of my favorite superheroes. So I was delighted when Dynamite Entertainment announced The Art of Ramona Fradon. I made sure to pre-order through my store and waited anxiously for it.

...And waited. And waited. And waited some more.

I have periodically been checking the scheduled publication date for this book via Amazon. The original press release came out in February 2012, with the book slated for April 2012. That is the date still listed on Dynamite's website. My memory is that it got pushed back to late (November?) 2012 at first, then June and later July 2013. Now, according to the Amazon page, the current date is January 2014???? That's almost two years late, and that's if they make this date!

Dynamite Entertainment, what is WRONG with you?!?

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