Monday, May 13, 2013

Invincible Alliance by DBed

C. Elam's Invincible Alliance by ~DBed on deviantART

I've been following David Bednarski aka DBed on deviantArt for a bit, so I was deeply flattered when he mentioned not very long ago that he wanted to do fan art for some of my characters. Well, now it's done. I think I've gone from "flattered" to "stunned and thrilled."

That thumbnail above does not do adequate justice to this sucker, because it is so freaking big. Seriously, click over to the full-size version of this one and see my heroes (and one villain!) as filtered through the imagination of this amazing artist. It is truly awe-inspiring for me to marvel at his interpretations of Cap, Shelly and the Invincible Alliance. It might even give me some ideas I want to entertain in the future.

If you haven't clicked any links in this entry yet, consider this conclusion my thrilling endorsement of DBed and his art! Check it out! You won't be disappointed!

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