Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brain Hurting

It all started when LJ-user Cosmorific posted a meme in her journal where you were asked to write a drabble (short fic, ideally 100 words) about a highly unlikely fandom pairing. These pairings were not left to chance, but were created via the Brain Hurting Fanfic Pairer. And trust me, that sucker more than lives up to its name.

Now, this usually isn't my sort of thing, but I was intrigued and took her up on the challenge. So which oddball pairing did I choose? Why, Rorschach and Dr. Gregory House.


Watchmen spoilers. Oh, and slash.

Rorschach (Watchmen)/Dr. Gregory House (House)

"Dead dog brains, splattered on the pavement..."

"Excuse me?"

Rorschach turned, the ink blot pattern on his mask betraying no emotion. "Veidt. Veidt killed half of New York."

Dr. Gregory House sighed petulantly. "Not this Veidt rubbish again. Look, I'm a busy man and I haven't got all night."

"But the people must know. The journal..."

House leapt from the seedy motel bed and grabbed Rorschach by the collar. "Listen Kovacs..."


"Whatever. Are we doing this or what?"

Rorschach eyed House's wiry frame and the ink blots arched upward. He threw his hat aside.

"You like it rough, hurm?"

As you can see, the results of writing challenges can be interesting to say the least. And scary.

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