Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your Return of Jetman News Break

Hello, it is time for the latest update to Return of Jetman. Can you feel the electricity in the air? Wait, what's that? I've just been rubbing my feet on the carpet trying to shock you? Would I do a thing like that?

OK, yes, I would. But that's beside the point. We're here to discuss this update. And it's fantastic update, too!

There are seven new pieces of artwork posted to the DX Gallery. Two of them are from Kabuki Katze, and you can find a handy reference for both of them on this blog entry of hers. Two more are from newcomer to ROJ Sean Moore. And the last three? Well, they tie into the other portion of this update.

As promised, New Return of Jetman Episode 6 - "Beyond the Universe" is now live! But this isn't just any episode, oh no. This particular episode is also a CROSSOVER produced in cooperation with those enigmatic daredevils Kazekage, Igadevil, and Kabuki Katze. Each of them had full approval of the usage of their characters (Kienan Ademetria, Kamen Rider Sigma, and Star Anise, respectively), and each also has permitted an art piece depicting my special guest stars in the DX Gallery. I offer my humble thanks to all of them for letting me play in their sandboxes.

This particular episode turned out to be so massive that the accompanying notes did not get finished in time for this update. They are in progress, and will be posted when the next site update happens. Trust me, they will be worth the wait.

Oh, and before I forget - this episode carries a special dedication. I've been keeping it under wraps until this update was posted. It's just a small gesture to someone who has offered a lot of support, encouragement, and advice over the last few months as I toiled over this lengthy and challenging story. Thanks again, for everything.

Your feedback on any part of this update is warmly welcomed. Enjoy!

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