Wednesday, March 11, 2009



This poster (dated April 18, 1993, if you are interested in such things) was created for a college class, and it's the only time I ever used "Orange Man". I procrastinated in taking a picture of it for a long time, but finally yielded to the adorable demands of my friend Sara Denny.

And now, Miss Denny presents "The Orange Man Theme Song", sung to the theme from the 1960s SPIDER-MAN cartoon :


Orange Man
Orange Man
Does whatever an orange can
Spritzes juice, in the eyes
Blinds the thieves, all bad guys
Drink up!
Here comes the Orange Man.

Is he healthy?
Listen dude
He is found in your food
Can I eat him when it's late?
Take a look, at your plate
Eat up!
There goes the Orange Man

On a hot summer day
As the ice cream trucks' whistles chime
Where children are out and they play
He comes just in time

Orange Man
Orange Man
Friendly Neighborhood Orange Man
Salt and Fat
He's ignored
Vitamin C is his reward

To him, vitamins is a great big job
So make sure you put him in your gob
There is the Orange Man.


  1. best adapted theme song ever.

  2. Oh yes, Sara's theme song is the whole reason Orange Man made the foray from dA to this blog!