Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Atlas?" I Shrugged

I am usually not on top of breaking news, but it caught my attention yesterday that Atlas Comics has been announced as relaunching. This is the line Martin Goodman ran briefly in the 1970s, using the old "Atlas" moniker that had been associated with his Magazine Management. And if you are familiar with comics lore, you recognize several of those names from the history of Marvel Comics.

I own a number of those 1970s Atlas Comics and they are...interesting. Usually not great, but I can see where an enterprising soul might look to them as properties that have potential. If you'd like to learn about the history of the original Atlas/Seaboard endeavor, I can think of no finer resource than The Atlas Archives. It has a ton of material on the ill-fated first incarnation of this Atlas.

It is a tough marketplace today, so I wish these guys a lot of luck in making this happen. And if they choose to revive the immortal title Police Action, I have a suggestion for the perfect person to write it. Seriously, Atlas, call him.


  1. the Atlas titles were some of my erliest comics that i read (still trying to complete my collection--almost there!), and i'm looking forward to the return of some characters i hold near and dear.
    If they can talk Ditko into doing TIGER MAN again, that would be such a coup!

  2. I would do LOMAX! NYPD! up a treat, I think. And make it into a book that would probably drive everyone who read it insane.

    This couldn't be all that bad an idea, provided they get Chaykin to do another Scorpion story or two.

    The real money though, is in Morlock: 2001, I say. Remember when the government sicced murderous plant-monsters on us? Man that was crazy!

  3. @The Professor (Mark, yes?) - I have two of those Tiger Man books myself. I have no idea if Ditko is interested in doing anything other than his own thing anymore, but I would pay cash money to see a revival of Tiger Man or the Destructor with his art.

    @Kazekage - I think the potential for a revived Chaykin Scorpion is one thing I anticipate almost as much as your take on Lomax. Morlock, on the other hand, well - I think it took an amazing amount of moxie to rip off so many different stories and call it a day.