Monday, September 13, 2010

Lady of Larceny

It probably will come as no surprise to those of you who follow this blog that I enlisted Kabuki Katze in my efforts to bring Sultura to life.

I gave KK a lot of free reign with Sultura, to take my drawing and extrapolate it into something even more colorful. I did suggest the addition of a corset in there, since a) it fit the character and b) it fits the sort of thing she likes to draw. I also suggested she be lounging amidst loot, and specifically asked that she have grey eyes. There are many elements that carry over from my design, but they've been tweaked. And the suit is shiny because, as Kabuki put it, she does love shiny.

This one was a lot of fun, because Sultura is just so BAD but so good at it. Be sure to check out Kabuki's page for it on dA, too!

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