Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How Adorable Is This?

Recently, my esteemed colleague and bestower of art goodness Kabuki Katze delivered to me a pair of slightly belated but extremely wonderful birthday gifts. What were they?

Yes, what you see before you are cutesy chibi versions of Captain Satellite characters Firegirl and Shelly Ericson! Well, it looks like Shelly's name picked up an extra consonant in typing that © info, but what's a little typo among friends?

I am completely charmed and delighted with these surprise pictures. I've always been in love with Kabuki's use of this style, and to see it applied to my own characters is just cuteness overload. Seriously, I love it. Thank you again, Kabuki!

Oh, and if you'd like a peek at a picture that will be gracing this blog eventually, check out this entry on Kabuki's blog!


  1. these are great, all your stuff is, no matter who draws it.

    so is it "Earth O"?

  2. Those are, indeed, pretty awesome and super-adorable.

    And I'd go with "Earth E," although "Earth O" would make a lot of sense, too.

  3. Thanks gents, we all appreciate your support.

    You know, I haven't assigned a designation for any of my "worlds" since my kiddie days, but both of those are pretty awesome. There is an Earth-E already (sorta), but there's no reason there couldn't be another one!

  4. or maybe... Owariverse?

    they are pokey little puppy adorable!

  5. Clearly, you have been to Facebook in the last few minutes. *laughs*

    That is another possibility! Kabuki has used the Major City name to identify it as well.

  6. Aw crap, I never noticed the typo! I'll go back and fix it later today. :)

    Also, I really like "Owariverse."

  7. I'd tell you not to worry about the typo, but I imagine you've already fiddled with it by now. I literally didn't even notice it until I was putting the entry together!

    Hmmm, another vote for that one.

    And thank you again! :)