Monday, September 6, 2010

JR's Titan Khan Commission

I have known JR The Monsterboy since 2005, and he has done a number of awesome pictures for me for the Return of Jetman site. Not too terribly long ago, he made a post over on Ye Olde deviantArt seeking potential commissions to offset some unexpected expenses. Well, I had been considering hiring JR for a little thing I had in mind anyway, so that sealed the issue.

This is JR's interpretation of Titan Khan. I have a pretty good handle on subjects JR likes to draw, and I though this guy would be right up his alley. As you can see, I totally called that one. JR brought his "A" game and created a powerful image that I think will really serve the character well.

Thank you, JR! Interested parties can also check out the dA page for this picture.

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