Monday, September 27, 2010

Kimber Rachelle - A "Special Friend"

Kimber Rachelle is a bit of a first - she's the first Captain Satellite character to be realized WITHOUT a drawing from me. In fact, I never intended there to ever be a picture of her. But when Kabuki Katze (links coming in a paragraph or two!) began offering bust commissions, I realized this would be the perfect vehicle for some of my supporting cast that might not merit a full profile pic. Kimber just happens to be the initial foray into this realm.

Kimber Rachelle is the movie star who is very important to the robot Elektroid. (You can see a more "realistic" rendering of Elektroid here.) I came up with her distinctive screen name by mashing together the names of earlier Shelly Ericson types from my writing. I asked Kabuki to use Veronica Lake as a starting point for her design, as that woman just epitomized the glamorous starlet look.

Be sure to give Kabuki's entries on her blog & her dA some love, too!


  1. Veronica Lake, an excellent reference point. good choice!

  2. I thought "blonde movie star" and she immediately came to mind!