Thursday, September 9, 2010

What I Learned From Thunder Prince

As someone out there might recall, I mentioned in December that I intended to write about Korean cartoon DVDs I own this year. Well, I did manage to sit through DEFENDERS OF SPACE in March. Since then, I weep softly every time I contemplate making a stab at the copy of RAIDERS OF GALAXY that has been sitting on my player for months. So I think it is safe to say that I am waving the white flag on this goal, at least for the near future. Which isn't to say I won't inflict more reviews of them on you - you just won't see it coming.

However, this post isn't entirely about me wussing out on watching terrible animated movies for your voyeuristic amusement. No no, when I first bought these back in 2006, I took some screenshots of the martial arts one entitled THUNDER PRINCE to better illustrate the "lesson" which it taught me. Today, we shall review that lesson.

Always remember, if you kick a monkey in the ass...
...the monkey might turn around and kick you in the ass...
...and before you know it, you're lying on the ground with nuts in your mouth.

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