Friday, October 29, 2010

Altered Egos: Roxanne Prize

Greetings, fellow traveler. Today we conclude (at least for now) the "Altered Egos" series crafted by Kabuki Katze with a character that has grown very near and dear to the hearts of Captain Satellite fans these last three years. I speak, as you may have gathered from the title of this entry, of Roxanne Prize. But you can call her Firegirl when she's on duty for the Invincible Alliance.

Altered Egos : Roxanne Prize
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Kabuki's description is so delicious on this piece's dA page that we'll just lift most of it!

"Roxanne Prize is a firecracker--figuratively and literally. While she may be known to some simply as the old flame (ha!) of Paul Mann and a less-than scrupulous investigative reporter, she's more than a pretty face with a good nose for a story. Oh no, this gal has a superidentity of her own! As the fiery hair might suggest, Roxanne's specialty is flame. (Which makes her special, seeing as the other 3 characters in this set don't actually have superpowers . . . )"

I should pause to mention that it had never occurred to me until Kabuki pointed it out that most of the characters in my pantheon don't have powers of their own. And Firegirl only has hers by accident, since people couldn't make out her flame gun in my original drawings of her!

Roxanne was a character originally born separate from the "Firegirl" idea, but merging them was one of the many quality brainstorms I have had with the Major City crew. Her personality has developed over the years through multiple interpretations, to the point where she became fun-loving and flirtatious, and yet also conscientious, intelligent, and perhaps a little tragic. Not bad for a superlady who almost got burdened with the name "Miss Fire".

You know what else you need to see? This "work-in-progress" shot of Roxanne! Seriously folks, a hearty thanks to Kabuki for her excellent work on this project. But don't think this is the last you'll be seeing of new works from her pen on this blog!

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