Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PSC Wave 3 - Part 3

By Jove, we're going to take another look at Personal Sketch Cards of Captain Satellite characters done by Sean Moore!

For this go, we have Disco Ball, Mr. Metal, and Enemy Alien. I think Sean may have been a little nervous about these, as he took some additional liberties with my rather basic designs. However, this sort of experimentation (within reason) was exactly what I wanted him to do!

Sean really went to town on Disco Ball and Mr. Metal, getting across both the disco excesses and kitbashed nature of their respective looks. He finally extricated them from their inherently derivative origins. I'm also very grateful for his take on Enemy Alien, because he somehow made that design look like an extraterrestrial spacesuit. I love it!

More to come? Yes!

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