Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Blog Entry Beyond ROJ!

If it's Tuesday in October, it must be time for the latest episode of New Return of Jetman over at www.returnofjetman.com! But this isn't just any episode, oh no. You might recall my promotion of it LAST year back when it appeared on the previous version of the site. Yes, we have arrived at "Beyond the Universe", ladies and gentlemen.

This particular episode is also a CROSSOVER produced in cooperation with those enigmatic daredevils Kazekage, Igadevil, and Kabuki Katze. Each of them had full approval of the usage of their characters (Kienan Ademetria, Kamen Rider Sigma, and Star Anise, respectively), and all of them exercised that option in the storytelling process. That makes this installment truly unique on the site.

I offer my humble thanks to all three of my collaborators for letting me play in their sandboxes. I also am grateful to the person given a special credit on this story for their valuable input over the years. Soon, the whole thing will be done.

And yes, that's true. The concluding chapter of New Return of Jetman will be going live on October 26, 2010! Don't miss it!

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