Friday, October 22, 2010

Altered Egos: Xolani Shabangu

Why yes, it is indeed time for another chapter of "Altered Egos", the series in which Kabuki Katze (with more than a little input from yours truly) breathes life into the civilian guises of characters from the Captain Satellite universe. Today's subject is Xolani Shabangu, the true face behind that mysterious dweller in the shadows named Urban Nightmare.

Altered Egos : Xolani Shabangu
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And what did Kabu have to say about this guy on her dA page for the piece?

"Xolani Shabangu is a dedicated man. Not satisfied by his daylight efforts to clean the streets of Major City of crime, he dons a mask and takes to the alleys by night to pursue a more, ahem, expedient form of justice. While he has been known to work with Captain Satellite and Co., Xolani prefers being a solo act."

While it is the girls who will garner the majority of the attention in this series among casual readers, it was really the guys who prompted me to commission it. Take Xolani here, for example. What kind of man would undertake the mission of the Urban Nightmare? Namely a strong, confident man. Kabuki really got that across magnificently. His closed body language also illustrates the fact that he's planning on doing this superhero thing on his own, no matter what the cost to him personally.

PSSST! Want a peek at Kabuki's blog entry on this series, including a preview of next week's installment? Sure you do!

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