Friday, October 15, 2010

Altered Egos: Shelly Ericson

We have returned with another thrilling installment of the "Altered Egos" series by Kabuki Katze! This week, our subject is that bodyguard to the superheroes, the amazing Shelly Ericson!

Altered Egos : Shelly Ericson
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Remember when I mentioned thinking a lot about Annie from SHAIDER? Yeah, here's your reason. But then, Shelly has been influenced by Annie since 2005. That was when I started speculating what Annie might've been if Naomi Morinaga had been allowed to be the star of the show.

Kabu did an excellent job of adapting Annie's outfit to Shelly. She substituted a bolo tie in place of what Naomi wore in the series, with my blessing. And of course, there's that omnipresent headband which became part of Shelly's look quite by happenstance. For a peek at the original sketch (which includes a very Annie-inspired joke, I should add), you can wander over here. It is worth your time.

On Kabuki's dA page for this piece (which you should also totally check out), she describes Shelly as "...a deft hand with a pistol and with a punch so she's a more than capable companion to the Captain." Absolutely! She also finds the idea of running around in a superhero costume kind of ridiculous, even if it does make her boss/boyfriend happy. That is why she doesn't have a supersuit of her own, though he would be more than happy to provide one.

And before you ask, sure it's technically cheating to include Shelly in this series, given that she doesn't have an alter ego. But it's my series, so I can bend the rules if I want. Besides, would you tell this woman she can't be included?

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