Saturday, October 16, 2010

Old Fashioned Boy (You're The One) by Stallion

I am a music chart aficionado, because I have found it is a great method to learn about music. Sometimes, you learn about things you didn't know existed. Take the band Stallion, for instance.

Who the heck is Stallion? Exactly! When I came across their entry in Joel Whitburn's Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits, I had never heard of them before. In fact, this became a running joke of mine. You can see an example of it waaaaaay back in the early weeks of this very blog. It even led me to a story idea, one that maybe I'll do something with someday.

Here's the beginning and end of what I knew about Stallion:
  • They were a "pop-rock group from Denver".
  • Their members were Buddy Stephens (vocals), Danny O'Neil (guitar), Wally Damrick (keyboards), Jorg Gonzalez (bass) and Larry Thompson (drums).
  • They had a single called "Old Fashioned Boy (You're The One)", which was Casablanca 877.
  • This single entered the Top 40 on April 23, 1977, stayed in the Top 40 two weeks, and peaked at #37.
That was all! Everything else was a mystery. No one talked about them or wrote about them, even on the Internet. It was as if they fell off the face of the Earth after 1977.

Happily, things have changed since I first learned of Stallion. I eventually came across this page chronicling the releases of their single. They have their own Wikpedia entry, skimpy though it may be. I even found out what lead singer Buddy Stephens is doing these days, via his official site All of these little pieces came together to further complete the puzzle of Stallion. However, one thing always eluded me - namely, "Old Fashioned Boy (You're The One)".

That all changed recently thanks to a search I made on a whim and Youtube user "MusicMike2". Yes, there is now a STEREO Youtube video for this "lost" Top 40 single. I clicked on it with a mix of anticipation and dread. I mean, I was bound to be disappointed, right? Well, let me link you to this video, and then we'll talk about the song after you give it a listen.

At long last, here is "Old Fashioned Boy (You're The One)" by Stallion. Thanks, MusicMike2!

Back? Listened to it? I hope so! Anyway, I was happily surprised that I didn't hate it. It's not bad. But I understand better why this song is largely forgotten.

Let me reiterate that I don't think it's a bad song. But it's also not a particularly memorable song. You listen to it and then it's gone when it's over. It doesn't stick with you. It's certainly not the type of song that will bounce around between most people's ears for 30 years.

I guess that's what happened. This song was a minor hit, probably garnering some airplay and maybe some sales. But when its lifespan was over (and remember, it was a lot shorter in those days), it was never played again. Then Stallion faded away without another hit, further burying this tune into obscurity. All that was left was the record of its existence and whatever copies were in circulation.

Well, I'm glad I finally got to hear "Old Fashioned Boy (You're The One)" and find the answer to one of the musical questions that has plagued me for years. Who the heck is Stallion? Now I know, and so do you.

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