Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm Helping!

Here are a couple of links to comic book-related pages that credit me with some assistance.

I supplied Rob Kelly with the first and third issues of Gods of Mount Olympus in Ancient Mythology for both his personal collection and his amazing Treasury Comics site. Full disclosure : those books were originally sent to me by David McRobie. Paying it forward, if you will.

I've linked to the Unofficial Blackhawk Comics Website in the past, but I didn't mention my contribution to the Stormbirds Page. Ah, remember when Alan Moore and company were remaking the Silver Age DC Universe on Rob Liefeld's dime? That scan was clipped from an old issue of CBG, but site owner Dan Thompson cleaned it up a lot. I didn't realize he was going to quote my e-mail on the page, too, but I'm sort of flattered that he did. I just hope what I wrote actually makes sense, because I'm not exactly sure myself!

In the interest of both fairness and coolness, I stumbled across this entry on Rick Veitch's site/blog that shows a scan of that design sketch's original art, which depicts the rest of the Stormbirds team. The sketch never made it into a comic to my knowledge either, and this is the first time I've ever laid eyes on those guys.

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