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WrestleMayhem - Part 3

WrestleMayhem - Part 3

Blue Behemoth and Mondo Style careened out of the ring and crashed into the Spanish announcer's table, breaking it in half. The Deacon, a known shooter, confronted Devil Dynamite and tried to take him down. Alas, human skills were no match for artificial strength, and the Deacon was swatted aside almost effortlessly. Devil Dynamite vaulted over the ropes, stole the microphone from a baffled Baxter Sweet, and returned to the squared circle to speak.

It was a surreal moment as a notorious super villain stood in the middle of a wrestling ring and berated Huey Bartek and the GWO for not booking him on the biggest wrestling show in history. He bragged about his undefeated streak as a luchador and claimed that no one had drawn more money in the annals of Mexican lucha libre. As he belittled the talent competing at WrestleMayhem, Devil Dynamite did not notice Mondo Style had recovered enough to sneak up behind him. But Mondo had not returned alone and whacked the baddie with a steel chair. He then put the boots to Devil Dynamite as the villain lay on the mat, solidifying Style's reputation as being utterly fearless and more than a little bonkers.

Fortunately for Mondo, Blue Behemoth was hot on his heels, and he was in no mood to pull punches with Devil Dynamite. He lifted the felon onto his shoulders and delivered an airplane spin that left everyone who saw it dizzy. BB unceremoniously dumped Devil Dynamite onto the canvas and he and Mondo delivered simultaneous elbow drops on their unconscious enemy. As both champ and hero covered the red-suited rogue, the Deacon crawled over, counted three on Devil Dynamite, and called for the bell as he raised the hands of both Blue Behemoth and Mondo Style in victory.

Officially, the bout would be ruled a no-contest. But everyone who saw it knew it was far bigger than what the final result might indicate. In helping Blue Behemoth subdue a super villain, Mondo Style had gotten a better rub than even beating the hero would have earned him. As the two combatants expressed their "new" respect for one another in post-match interviews, Devil Dynamite was carted off by the authorities. Later that evening, he would escape from custody via unknown means, but he chose to make a getaway rather than pursue his differences with the GWO.

WrestleMayhem was the turning point that proved the Global Wrestling Organization could succeed on a national and even international stage. It propelled Mondo Style to the pinnacle of stardom, and got everyone talking about pro wrestling in a positive light (for once). Huey Bartek kicked back and smiled. He had done it.

As for Blue Behemoth, once was enough in fulfilling his wrestling daydreams and he retired from active competition after the single match. He did get a lot of mileage out of kidding his teammates afterward for not coming to his aid when Devil Dynamite attacked. "Come on BB!" they protested. "We thought it was part of the act!"


New Moon Garden, Major City
Presented by the Global Wrestling Organization (GWO) - Huey Bartek, Promoter
Commentators: Reese Bower and Baxter Sweet
Ring Announcer: Boyce Pierson

Match Results:

* Raoul Huerta defeated The Okapi Kid with a flying body press (3:56)

* Ned Debussy won by submission over Ben McNeil using the figure-four leglock (2:12)

* "Bad Dog" Leroy Edwards pinned Werner Koslowski following a powerslam (8:43)

* "Dangerous" Don Jackson and Dr. Zono wrestled to a time limit draw in a scientific match (20:00)

(Don Jackson was recognized as GJPW Super Great Champion at the time. According to contractual stipulation, the match was non-title because it was sanctioned only by the GWO.)

* "Gorgeous" Glen Starr won by disqualification over Man Mountain Muldoon (10:05)

(After referee Bart Roland was knocked out by a collision with Starr and Muldoon, Starr grabbed Muldoon's horseshoe from the timekeeper's table and hit his opponent with it twice. Muldoon overpowered Starr to retrieve his horseshoe just as Roland regained consciousness. Roland called for the bell and an automatic DQ when Muldoon clobbered Starr with the horseshoe and tossed him over the top rope.)

* Leah Kalani defeated GWO Women's Champion Winnie Reilly by reversing a small package to win the title (7:37)

(Leah Kalani was a special challenger booked through Global Japan Pro Wrestling. This was her debut in a GWO ring.)

* GWO Tag Team Champions "Wild" Bill Jackson & "Hotshot" Johnny Flash retained their championship by defeating the Lasers. (22:24)

(Lasers manager G.B. Hicks distracted referee Jerry Fleischer while Laser I loaded his mask with a foreign object to headbutt Bill Jackson. Jackson ducked out of the way and Laser II took the headbutt instead. Jackson rolled up Laser I for the pinfall while Johnny Flash prevented a woozy Laser II from making the save.)

* GWO World Champion Mondo Style vs. Blue Behemoth (special referee: the Deacon) ended in a no-contest when Devil Dynamite interfered and attacked all three participants. (18:49)

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