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The Science Brigade

The Science Brigade

In response to the rise of the Third World division Dai San Sekai (第三世界; "Third World") in their country, the Japanese government has established the Science Brigade (科学旅団 Kagaku Ryodan) as a countermeasure. The Science Brigade is an elite task force of top-flight specialists from a wide range of fields. Their mission is to investigate and, if necessary, take decisive action in cases involving "unorthodox" incidents - especially those connected to Dai San Sekai.

Due to their shared goals of smashing Dai San Sekai, the Science Brigade often finds itself crossing paths with the superhero Red Taiyo (レッド太陽 Reddo Taiyo). They have assisted each other for the common good, but there is an understandable rivalry between the team and the hero. There are also doubts among segments of the Brigade about Red Taiyo's intentions. Obviously, the Science Brigade is unaware of Red Taiyo's true identity or his origin as the chosen champion of the mysterious Sun Men (サンメン). All they know is that it was pretty coincidental he showed up to fight Dai San Sekai just as it appeared, wasn't it?

Though the Science Brigade is a relatively new agency, it already has a large number of operatives scattered throughout Japan. As a result, not every member participates on every case. However, there is an "inner circle" which has a hand in most Brigade business. It is composed of the following members:
  • Captain Makoto Yamada (山田誠隊長 Yamada Makoto Taichō) - Captain Makoto Yamada is the gruff, no-nonsense commander of the Science Brigade. A veteran of dealing with the unusual both at home and abroad, he is absolutely dedicated to both his duty and his daughter Miharu. His admiration for Red Taiyo is the main reason the hero hasn't found himself targeted by some Brigade members.
  • Miharu Yamada (山田美晴 Yamada Miharu) - Miharu Yamada is the communications director of Science Brigade headquarters, though she sometimes agitates her way into field work, too. She is the daughter of Captain Makoto Yamada and his late wife, and the Captain is quite protective of his only child. Miharu shares an attraction with college astronomy lecturer Atsushi Anzai (安西敦士 Anzai Atsushi), little suspecting he is secretly Red Taiyo.
  • Dr. Saburo Mikami (見上佐武郎博士 Mikami Saburō Hakase) - Dr. Saburo Mikami is the Science Brigade's special consultant and seems to have a vast body of knowledge across multiple disciplines. He is also a quiet, withdrawn man haunted by a dark past. The only clues he offers to his difficult history are the cybernetic right hand and deep facial scar that dominate his appearance.

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