Monday, May 27, 2019

The Sun Men

The Sun Men

The Sun Men are a high council of aliens based on the faraway Planet G. They are dedicated to maintaining peace and opposing evil in whatever form it takes. Collectively, the Sun Men are one of the greatest forces for good in the known universe. They are also one of its biggest enigmas.

Virtually everything about the Sun Men is shrouded in secrecy. The origin of their benevolent order is a mystery, as is how and when they established their headquarters on Planet G. Even their exact number of members is open to conjecture. In fact, other than the general location of their base, the only thing known with certainty about the Sun that they exist.

As a rule, the Sun Men do not directly involve themselves in the affairs of individual civilizations. They are usually content to act through specially-chosen agents who are given their own powers. However, the Sun Men will intervene in extreme cases, such as overthrowing the planet Goomador's warlord Girago to head off his plans of galactic conquest. Given their stated mission, it seems likely the Sun Men are closely monitoring the activities of the Astro-Giants wherever they appear.

The Sun Men have until recently seen no reason to recruit an agent on Earth. This changed when they granted Atsushi Anzai the ability to become the superhero Red Taiyo. Red Taiyo has been charged with stopping Dai San Sekai, a Japanese branch of Third World. The fact that Dai San Sekai garnered the attention of the Sun Men may indicate some degree of otherworldly involvement in the subversive organization.

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