Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Altered Egos: Beth Gordon

Why yes, it's back for more! "Altered Egos", the series drawn by that stunning lady artist known far and wide as Kabuki Katze, returns to dazzle us once again. Today's subject is Beth Gordon!

(click for 1440 x 900)

As Kabuki put it: This time it's the capable West Coast babe Beth Gordon, AKA Muscle Woman. Beth was gifted with super strength after a run-in with the devious evil-doing gang "Third World." Now she's a divorcee working to get her life back on track with the added hitch of having to figure out how to make her new superpowers fit into her life.

Well, where to begin? Beth was not a typical character for Kabu, since she was more obviously muscle-bound than usual. Balancing that with the desire to keep her feminine was a challenge we both accepted. I think the results are really excellent!

The majority of the outfit was Kabuki's idea, playing off Beth's newly-conceived Hispanic heritage (maiden name Elisabeth Huerta). I did ask for the weightlifting belt to emphasize her strength, and somehow, it works quite well as a whole.

Will we see this series continue in the future? Probably!

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