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Owariverse Encyclopedia: Section III - Civilians (T)

Nicola Tanihara: Nicola Tanihara is an esteemed Professor of Mathematics at MTI. She first encountered Mortimer (Blue Behemoth) Kane and Danny (Drone Man) Graham when she joined the faculty of the university, but neither of them had the nerve to talk to her while they were graduate students. More recently, Graham has not only asked her out, but there are signs that sparks might fly between them.

Debbie Truman: Debbie Truman is the teenage daughter of Tex and Gabrielle Truman, and younger sister of Dean (Ultimate American) Truman. Unlike the rest of her family, she has shown no affinity for a life of action. Quite the contrary, she is shy and withdrawn, and would much prefer solitude over hanging out with her peers. Tex and Gabrielle are hopeful that she will at least come out of her shell one day, even if she never becomes part of the family’s fighting legacy.

Gabrielle Truman: Gabrielle “Jinx” Fitzgerald was a top C.H.I.E.F. agent and codebreaker when she met and fell in love with Tex Truman. Despite their considerable age difference (offset by Tex’s youthful appearance & vitality), they decided to tie the knot. This did nothing to slow down Jinx’s whirlwind career of adventure, but she eventually retired from active duty to raise a family.

Gabrielle officially changed her name from “Gabrielle Fitzgerald” to “Gabrielle Truman” when she chose to settle into a more domestic role. She and Tex have two children together, Dean and Debbie. Though she seems content with the life of a housewife, Gabrielle can still draw on her martial arts training in a pinch.

Joe Truman: Joe Truman, the son of Tex and Anna Truman, was recruited by C.H.I.E.F. while still in college, and joined the organization after earning his degree. He served as an agent for a time, but found working for the government too stifling. He resigned from C.H.I.E.F. and struck out on his own as a freelance operator specializing in paranormal investigation.

Joe found fame and riches both in selling his services to the highest bidder (which ironically often included C.H.I.E.F.) and promoting himself through the media. His tactics in advancing his newfound career led to considerable friction with his father Tex. They finally had a major falling out after Tex divorced Joe’s mother, and the two refused to speak to one another in the aftermath.

Joe Truman disappeared under mysterious circumstances 25 years ago. He has not been seen or heard from in the intervening years.

Tex Truman: Tex Truman (his legal name) is a larger-than-life cowboy hailing from the plains of west Texas who has devoted his life to fighting for his country. Given his somewhat eccentric nature, it was probably inevitable that he was eventually assigned to C.H.I.E.F. as a special agent. After all, most G-Men don’t go around wearing a ten gallon hat and a pair of six-shooters.

Tex has distinguished himself over the years as a C.H.I.E.F. operative, including uncovering a raft of Third World agents in the organization’s ranks. For meritorious service in that case, he was promoted to director of the bureau after the forced resignation of his predecessor. He remained at the post for 11 years, and rebuilt C.H.I.E.F. from the ground up after initiating a thorough housecleaning. Since stepping down, he has continued to serve as a special consultant. Tex was never one for a full retirement.

Tex has been married twice. He wed his first wife, the former Anna Malone, while still in his 20s, and they had a son together named Joe. After a lengthy marriage, the two eventually drifted apart and divorced, citing irreconcilable differences. Tex remained single until Anna’s death by natural causes nine years later. Within a year, he was engaged to fellow C.H.I.E.F. agent Gabrielle Fitzgerald.

Tex currently stays involved by serving as C.H.I.E.F. liaison to the Invincible Alliance – the very group his son Dean leads as the Ultimate American. Otherwise, he helps his wife Gabrielle raise their teenage daughter Debbie. He is uncannily spry for being 96 years old. Perhaps that time 60 years ago when he vanished in the mountains of Tibet for a month has something to do with that?

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