Thursday, December 29, 2011

Owariverse Encyclopedia: Section III - Civilians (U-Z)

Velvet Verity: Velvet Verity is a world-famous supermodel who has managed to run afoul of super-villains on more than one occasion. Her sometimes reckless behavior makes her an easy target for those seeking valuable hostages, and she has required rescue several times in recent years. Sadly, she is not one to learn lessons.

Ivan Walters: Ivan Walters is a prominent film and television producer based in El Oceano. He is best known for producing the hit Cat-Man TV show, and the subsequent blockbuster movie series based on that comic book hero. Among his other credits are the TV series The Deacon and the cult classic sci-fi film The Blue Ooze. Paul Mann believes in Walters enough that he has been financing several of his recent projects. They have joined forces to form the production company WAM Films.

Basil Whittaker: Basil Whittaker is the British millionaire and daredevil adventurer who originally financed Paul Mann when he mysteriously appeared a number of years ago. Mann considers Basil his mentor, and the two have a surrogate father/son relationship that is perhaps so obvious that it led to the non-revelation that ended Paul Mann and Roxanne Prize's relationship. When not tending to his business interests or off on some boondoggle like circling the Earth in a hot air balloon, Basil is one of the foremost art collectors in the world. He specializes in pieces that are considered “grotesque” by the population-at-large.

Bruce Yee: Bruce Yee is C.H.I.E.F.'s Hong Kong bureau chief, and one of the most highly respected officers in the organization. He assisted Captain Satellite and Shelly Ericson in their initial tangle with Titan Khan, and continues to keep watch for unusual threats throughout Asia. In spite of certain Western stereotypes, he is most comfortable relying on his crack marksmanship in battle. And yes, he’s heard all the jokes a million times.

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