Thursday, December 1, 2011

Altered Egos: Kendal Rose

In October 2010, I ran a series called "Altered Egos" on this blog, wherein Kabuki Katze depicted some of my heroes alongside their civilian identities. Well, the thought had always been in the back of my mind that I'd like to return to my own personal A/E someday. Well, "someday" has arrived! Our first contestant is the one and only Kendal Rose!

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Quoth Kabuki on dA: This time it's the adorable, co-ed Kendal Rose, also known as Amazing Girl! Amazing Girl's powers include telekinesis . . . which comes in handy when you're juggling a full courseload and a secret super-identity.

Kendal was an intriguing character, because I felt Sara created a pretty good foundation for her look in 2007. Kabuki and I wanted to build off that and visualize Kendal in such a way that preserved Sara's intent and matched up with the rest of the universe as it's been established. We both incorporated certain cues to do this, and the result is that Kendal Rose lives and breathes and is a real person. Maybe more than is immediately obvious, in fact.

Altered Egos will continue with...?

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