Saturday, December 17, 2011

Toxic Duck

Hi, my name is Chris, and I love to buy vending machine toys.

It's a funny thing - I have long since given up collecting toys. I make an exception for those little do-dads encased in plastic bubbles that can be had for just a few coins. I will go out of my way to grab a new one, no matter how cheap and tacky.

My favorite recent find was Toxic Duck.

I should note that there are color variations for Toxic Duck, as the display card within the machine had one who was green with a black symbol. You can see that symbol is what gives him his exotic name. Also, check out how tiny the little guy is!

I was so happy with Toxic Duck that now he has a posse.

From left to right we have Screwball Duck, Retired Duck(?), and (obviously) Unretired Duck(??). I can only surmise the monikers for the latter two are some reference to shooting galleries. I further suppose the number "4" ties into this, but if there is any other special significance, it is lost on me.

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