Saturday, December 3, 2011

Owariverse Encyclopedia: Section III - Civilians (A-D)

Pat August: Pat August is the president of Mann Creations, and the one who runs the day-to-day operations of the company. Though Paul Mann founded the company, and is the principal owner and CEO, it is Pat who keeps it humming along. He is probably Captain Satellite's most valuable and trustworthy confidante besides Shelly Ericson herself. Pat is involved with a number of charities and community programs both in his official capacity and as a private citizen, including serving as chairman for the Major City Council on African-American Affairs (MCCAA).

Karma Bando: Don't let Karma Bando's hippie girl name and slight appearance deceive you - she is an ace auto mechanic and expert car customizer. Captain Satellite enlisted her aid in creating his Rocket Racecar, and she has an exclusive contract to maintain the specialized vehicle. Her reputation has only grown with her association with Cap, and she has been able to franchise her Lightning Cars business around the country as a result.

Rudy Boemer: Rudy Boemer is the current mayor of Major City, and something of a political maverick. He has a very blue collar approach to city governance, in line with his roots in Middleburg (largest metropolis in the Midwest). He is still not as sold on the concept of costumed do-gooders as his predecessor, Howard Fein, was while he was in office. However, he has demonstrated a willingness to work with the superhero community in his constituency.

Bruce Chase: Bruce Chase is famous as the star of the popular and trendsetting TV series Cat-Man on the DeKalb Television Network. Noted for his exaggerated and overdramatic delivery, he was perfect for the role, and that landmark program has defined his career. Though he went on to play the title character in the cop show Lomax! (also aired on DeKalb) for several seasons, success as a serious movie actor - what he really desires - has eluded Bruce. He is still doggedly optimistic, and convinced that all he needs is the right part - such as that of Captain Satellite in the film adaptation of his life story. Meanwhile, he continues to cash sizeable checks for reprising his Cat-Man role in a string of top-grossing blockbusters.

Rex Coronado: Rex Coronado is the executive director of C.H.I.E.F. The son of Mexican immigrants, he is deeply proud of the United States, and will fight to defend it with his last breath. He wears sunglasses at all times to disguise the fact that he has a glass right eye. Rex is cantankerous seemingly beyond reason, but has been known to display a sharp sense of humor when least expected. Never one to be underestimated, he will do whatever it takes to accomplish his mission.

Whitney DeKalb: Whitney DeKalb is the current heir of Ladd DeKalb, founder of both electronics manufacturer DeKalb Laboratories and the trailblazing but perennial also-ran DeKalb Television Network. A member of the DeKalb Network board of directors, Whitney has been seeking a way for her network to better compete with the Major Broadcasting System (MBS) and the United Broadcasting Company (UBC). She thinks she has finally found one by forging a strategic alliance with Paul Mann’s Mann Creations corporation, both through the network and her own independent production company Thirteen Media.

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