Thursday, December 8, 2011

Owariverse Encyclopedia: Section III - Civilians (E-N)

Eve East: Eve East co-starred on the TV series Cat-Man as the hero's beautiful battling sidekick Kitten. In later years, she left acting behind and entered the arena of politics. She was recently elected mayor of El Oceano, California - the largest city on the west coast, and entertainment capital of the world. She is proud of her one-time career, but a little nonplussed when it’s all people want to talk about when they meet her.

Manon Etienne: Manon Etienne is the owner and general manager of the stylish Chez Café. In addition to its many well-deserved accolades, the Chez Café is where Paul Mann and Shelly Ericson had their first face-to-face meeting (it wasn't really a “date”). Manon’s restaurant holds the reputation as one of the places to eat in Major City. It is said that she knows all the movers and shakers in town on a first name basis.

Albert Fannick: Albert “The Panic” Fannick is a basketball star who first rose to national prominence at Magnifica University on the west coast. Signed by the Major City Electrics out of college, Fannick has gone on to have a sensational pro hoops career. His most astonishing achievement to date was scoring 75 points in a game against the El Oceano Liners. He is Shelly Ericson's favorite player, and possibly the only person in the world capable of rendering her starstruck.

Howard Fein: Howard Fein is the current President of the United States. He was eager after taking the Presidential oath of office to associate his administration with the rising popularity of Captain Satellite and the Invincible Alliance, just as he had during his term as the mayor of Major City. Critics have charged him with engaging in publicity stunts for his own gain. Fein, on the other hand, contends that he truly believes in the idealism represented by this wave of superheroes.

Curt Koorey: Curt Koorey is more than just a disc jockey; he's an institution of the airwaves. A noted radio personality and voice actor, Koorey has spun records over the years from artists as diverse as Flint Nickell, the Wee Reptiles, Billy Popcorn, Solar Cyclops, and the Scary Metal People. Disco Ball holds a personal grudge against him due to Koorey's refusal to add the works of Vance McGuire (Disco Ball's alter ego) to his playlist. And the countdown rolls on!

Dick Major: Dick Major is the wealthy scion of the venerable family that founded Major City centuries ago. Though the rest of his clan has either embraced or at least accepted Paul Mann, Dick resents what he feels is the diminishing of his family's legacy due to Mann's rise in stature in town. He is a proud (many might say arrogant) man who refuses to accept what he sees as the devaluing of the Major name. He isn’t above using unethical and possibly even illegal means to drag Paul Mann down…so long as he can’t possibly be connected to any shady dealings.

Jay Morita: Jay Morita is the Editor-in-Chief of The Major City Courier, the number one newspaper in both Major City and the country as a whole. Morita is known for his fearlessness and integrity, which is how he was able to survive the scandal that brought down reporter Roxanne Prize. Still smarting from his lapse in judgment in giving the green light to Prize's story, Morita has been working tirelessly to bolster the reputation of the Courier and fend off rival newspaper The Major City Progress.

Monica Nostro: Monica Nostro (née Monica Major) is lauded as being among the most generous philanthropists in Major City, and indeed, the nation. One of the heirs to the sizable Major family fortune, Monica has chosen to help others through charity rather than finance an extravagant lifestyle for herself. Her cousin Dick Major objects vigorously, considering Monica’s activities a waste of good money. Dick is even more perturbed by Monica’s insistence on associating with Paul Mann and Shelly Ericson, both of whom he considers bitter enemies.

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