Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mail-Order Mysteries

Folks, I am pleased to report that I did obtain my copy of Mail-Order Mysteries as discussed in this entry. Furthermore, unlike the cheap junk the book celebrates, I found Mail-Oder Mysteries lived up to my expectations. In fact, it surpassed them!

Kirk Demarais (I am too embarrassed to check whether I misspelled his name last time) has not only put together a fine and fascinating book, but he has done a quality service for mankind. I am glad someone has documented the truth behind things like X-Ray Spex, Sea Monkeys, and the 100 piece toy soldier set. Heck, he has even uncovered a genuine Raquel Welch pillow! These sort of novelties are just as much a part of the fabric of comic book history as Superman and Spider-Man, so it's nice to have a celebration of them in all their tackiness. It also serves as a reminder that, yes, ads can and do mislead you. How else to explain something like the U-Control Ghost?

My comic book mail order experience was remarkably low key for someone who consumed so damn many comic books and was endlessly fascinated by the array of ads contained within them. Besides the obligatory comic book dealers, the only time I can recall sending away for anything through a comic book ad was for comic character flip flops. Why this, of all things? Search me, as I cannot even adequately remember the characters on this fancy footwear. I received them, and they were exactly as advertised (a reputable company? NO!), but I think the wait involved scared me off from going crazy on such deals. Wasn't it something like eight weeks? The sad truth is that flip flops insulated me from the disappointment that would have been mine had I dived headfirst into fulfilling my comic book ad fantasies.

Kirk Demarais understands this, and he's here to help. Mail-Order Mysteries is a cavalcade of fun, even if some of the products were outright frauds. In fact, I daresay that this is one of my favorite books in recent memory. If you consider that an endorsement coming from me, hey, why not order a copy?

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! If you act now (or y'know, anytime, really), you can read The "Lost" Mail-Order Mysteries! It's a look behind the scenes (if you will) on one of the more satisfying book purchases I've ever made.

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