Friday, February 22, 2019

Blue Behemoth's Bulletin Board

(Click to enlarge to see all the details!)

“Blue Behemoth's Bulletin Board” by Wandering Kotka. July 2010.

The conceit here was to do a commission which told a story about a character (in this case, Blue Behemoth) without actually showing him. The inspiration was a non-Captain Satellite piece Kotka did for me that used a bulletin board motif, but this is way more involved than that earlier picture. This is still one of our more memorable commissions just for how unorthodox it is.

Featuring (in a roundabout fashion) Blue Behemoth, Pat August, Drone Man, the Scary Metal People, Firegirl, Elektroid, Ultimate American, Cat-Man, and the Invincible Alliance.

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