Friday, June 17, 2011

The Award-Winning Bob Haney

Here's some nice news. Mark Evanier posted yesterday that Bob Haney and Dell Connell have been chosen to be the recipients of this year's Bill Finger Award for Achievement in Comic Book Writing. I must confess that I'm not very familiar with Mr. Connell's name, but that's the whole point of the award. His credits are certainly impressive, and it's heartening that he's still around to receive the award in San Diego this summer.

Ah, but Bob Haney. I've waxed poetic about his work many times in the past. He didn't get much credit during his heyday, and it's only been comparatively recently that he has gotten any accolades at all. I'm really pleased he's getting this recognition for his work. I wish he was also still around to accept it, but knowing that he was so warmly received at the San Diego Comic Con when he attended during his lifetime eases that a mite.

Congratulations to Dell Connell and Bob Haney!

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