Monday, June 27, 2011

"She Never Mentioned Any Vampires To Me!"

I have discussed the film DEVIL DYNAMITE (aka DEVIL'S DYNAMITE) here in passing, but it's a movie that deserves its own entry. Trouble is, where to begin? Much of what I'd like to say about this addled non-classic from Filmark has been written elsewhere by others. So let's just touch on the fact that, of all the Godfrey Ho movies I know, this is the one that tries the hardest to tie together the new footage with the old movie. Sure, there is the obligatory phone call stuff where a character in one set of footage speaks to a character in the other set of footage. However, they got that one guy back for the new stuff and even put him in a similar (if not identical!) suit. That kind of attention to detail is amazing in "normal" movies, and downright unheard of in Godfrey Ho flicks.

Hey, don't take my word for it. If you act now (possibly for a limited time), you can watch the WHOLE MOVIE on Youtube. It is worth the 90 minutes it will take, as it will change your life.

Or you can watch this way. Be on the lookout for Angela Mao Ying, who is probably just as surprised as anyone that she is in DEVIL DYNAMITE.

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