Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Rocket Racecar

There are innumerable things I love about the Owariverse taking shape as a thing. One of them is that it allows me to make long-standing dreams of mine come true. I had always thought that Captain Satellite and Shelly Ericson needed a souped-up, retro-styled car to tool around Major City. However, my ability to draw vehicles is even weaker than my ability to draw people. So the idea barely made it onto paper.

Lo and behold, Kabuki Katze has finally helped me realize the dream via this commission. I asked her to use the 1957 Chevrolet as the starting point, with a few specially-requested modifications thrown into the mix. Despite never really drawing cars before, she came through like a winner once again.

It thrills me to see this sleek, flight-capable set of wheels pop out of my imagination, and I sure hope you like it, too. You can check out Kabuki's dA page for it here. Lots of love, and it should play an important role in my next big Captain Satellite project.

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