Friday, June 24, 2011

mp3 Madness - Round 2

Oh look, another one of these. Yep, it's another list of mp3s I've recently purchased. I'll make a few notes afterward. And yes, this round includes songs from artists that I usually don't follow. We're looking at you in particular here, Bread and Billy Joel.

  • "Couldn't Get It Right" - Climax Blues Band
  • "I Want'a Do Something Freaky To You" - Leon Haywood
  • "I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round)" - Alicia Bridges
  • "Hold On" - Ian Gomm
  • "Isn't It Time" - The Babys
  • "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" - Ian Hunter
  • "Guitar Man" - Bread
  • "Help Me" - Joni Mitchell
  • "The Game Of Love" - Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders
  • "Get Off" - Foxy
  • "Kung Fu Fighting" - Carl Douglas
  • "Brand New Key" - Melanie
  • "Mike Oldfield's Single (Theme From Tubular Bells)" - Mike Oldfield
  • "Abacab" - Genesis
  • "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)" - Billy Joel
  • "Chuck E.'s In Love" - Rickie Lee Jones
  • "Lotta Love" - Nicolette Larson
  • "Amos Moses" - Jerry Reed
  • "Where Have You Been All My Life" - Fotomaker
  • "Blow Yourself Up" - Tommy Hoehn
  • "Year Of The Cat" - Al Stewart
  • "Devil Woman" - Cliff Richard
  • "Superfly" - Curtis Mayfield
  • "Too Much Time On My Hands" - Styx
  • "Morgus The Magnificent" _ Morgus and the Three Ghouls

* I've already done entries on the Leon Haywood and Ian Hunter songs, so go search the archives if you don't remember those.

* I inexplicably love "Get Off", even though I wouldn't argue with you if you told me you found it terrible.

* "Mike Oldfield's Single" is about as disappointing as I could possibly imagine a substitute for "Tubular Bells".

* Fotomaker and Tommy Hoehn are acts that SHOULD have been bigger, but weren't. Seriously, these are great songs.

* The fake band "Morgus and the Three Ghouls" includes the fellow who would later go by Dr. John. This ode to a late night horror host is terrific!

Just like before, if you have any questions or comments on the contents of this list, feel free to leave them here.

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