Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Revolutionary Revelation

There is a song that has been plaguing me for...gosh, I think it's been a couple of years now. I would hear a snippet of it here and there, but could never get the opportunity to give it a good, close listen. All I knew for certain was that it had percussion that I loved.

Well, not too many weeks ago, I finally - FINALLY - got the chance to listen to this song closely. When I did, I picked out the word "revolution" in the lyrics. That, as they say, did the trick. The song turned out to be "Revolution" by Los Lobos!

This is the point where I usually link you to a Youtube video for the song in question. I cannot this time, because there does not seem to be a single one for "Revolution"! Instead, I will direct link you to the Amazon song sample from the album Colossal Head. If you like it, you should consider purchasing the song or the whole album.

Another of life's little mysteries solved. If only all of them tied up so neatly, eh?

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