Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Big Bang On The Horizon

Let's recap. Big Bang Comics was an independent comic book series that launched in the 1990s. Though it first appeared through Caliber Press, it became best-known by an almost ten year publishing relationship with Image Comics. There was later a self-publishing effort that lasted roughly a year, and more recently, a POD comic that I reviewed in February.

On a more personal note, Big Bang Comics is my favorite post-1990 comic series. Though I was reluctant at first to get too attached, it won me over as the years progressed with its delightful cast of characters and strong creators. Make no mistake about it - it was the retro storytelling that first lured me to Big Bang, but it was the quality of work that inspired me to be a fan. I used to write a letter of comment on every single issue, and while they weren't always necessarily views I still hold, I do miss the level of fannish delight it inspired in me.

Well, there still isn't an official announcement yet, but this little image recently surfaced from Bill Cunningham of Pulp 2.0 Press. It is reproduced with his kind permission.

Well. How do you like that?

I am sure more info will be coming in the days and weeks ahead via the Pulp 2.0 blog and the Pulp 2.0 Facebook page. Meanwhile, Pulp 2.0 Press already has some books in print that definitely look like they are worth checking out. I know I've had my eye on those Donald Glut books as I soon as I saw them.


  1. Oh, this should be awesome. I see Cunningham mentions on the Facebook page that they'll be releasing Essential/Showcase-sized collections of each character's stories, and since my collection only consists of random issues that I've picked up at conventions and the like, that sounds pretty great (and as a lifelong Flash fan, I'm especially excited about the possibility of a Blitz collection). But is there any word on them doing new content, as well? Because I'd buy the hell out of a new ongoing Big Bang series.

  2. That's a good question, actually. Gary mentioned some stories that were in the works in the last issue of Big Bang Presents, as I recall, but I have no idea if any (or all?) are completed. There are some pages floating around deviantArt sans script from an as-yet unpublished story that features Chris Ecker's character Ramm. I'd personally love to see new stories in addition to collecting the older ones!

    (Oh, and I can recommend that whole series. If you can find them, they usually go for pretty cheap.)